About Nana Blue

Nana Blue is a creative high-achiever whose mission is to “change the world one audacious dream at a time.”

Today Nana Blue is dedicating her time to help solo creators find their audacious dream, learn how to visualize it accurately and then create it to empower their lives and the world. 

On NanaBlue.com she is divulging all her success tips and secrets to help as many people as she can escape the “shiny object syndrome” and find the success and life balance they seek.

Her motto is simple: “Anyone can learn to reach a goal. But those who have changed the world the most are the audacious dreamers who learned how to bring their dream into reality.”

She truly believes “Life’s too short to stay mediocre.”

Nana Blue grew up outside in northern Canada where she learned her Native people’s extensive history that propelled her to include her people’s big picture audacious dream and visualization work in her businesses here in the US.

Through the years she’s helped over one thousand small companies and solo entrepreneurs improve their online sales by implementing proven marketing strategies which increased their return on investment by making efforts more effective while reducing spending.

She loves writing speculative fiction to help people see more possibilities in their own lives and the world around them.